The Road to Autonomy Podcast

The Road to Autonomy hosted by Grayson Brulte is a podcast featuring unconventional conversations about the future of mobility.

How would you feel if the transport truck beside you on the highway had no driver? Or the car passing beside you had no driver? Would it make a difference if the widespread deployment of autonomous trucks could ease supply chain problems almost overnight and that autonomous vehicles do not get distracted or speed? And would you feel better if you knew autonomous trucks and vehicles could reduce carbon emissions by 30 percent or more?

Learn more from world's leading mobility experts on The Road to Autonomy, an ahead-of-the-curve podcast hosted by Grayson Brulte.

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Doing Good In The World

Jody Kelman, Director of Product Management, Self-Driving Platform, Lyft joins Grayson Brulte on The Road To Autonomy Podcast to discuss why self-driving cars are creating a better world.

In this episode, Grayson and Jody discuss curiosity and how it led to Jody securing an internship in the Irish Government during college. After graduating from college, Jody packed up once again and headed to Uganda to join a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO).

From a global curiosity conversation to a United States Presidential Transition, Jody has a deep understanding of global affairs and society in general.

Bringing the conversation full-circle, we shift into why it is important to take the first meeting with interesting individuals and how that openness led to Jody and Grayson’s friendship.

The conversation then shifts to a hyper-local conversation focused on self-driving car developments. As Lyft beings to roll-out self-driving technology, the company is working to ensure a safe, clean ride experience.

From the student who can now visit a museum to an entrepreneur who opens an autonomous in-vehicle nail-salon. The possibilities of what self-driving cars can enable are endless.

Self-driving creates a better world for all of us to live in.

– Jody Kelman, Director of Product Management, Self-Driving Platform, Lyft

For children, self-driving cars can unlock unlimited possibilities to experience new learning environments leading to a life long love of learning and curiosity.

Curiosity can take you around the world. Curiosity can take you to the ocean to study marine biology. Curiosity will take you anywhere you want to go. The Lyft self-driving network will make unlocking curiosity possible for millions of individuals around the United States.

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Innovation is a Good Thing. Innovation is a Job Creator.

Jonny Morris, Head of Policy at Embark Trucks joins Grayson Brulte on The Road To Autonomy Podcast to discuss the intersection of policy, regulation, and technology.

In this episode, Grayson and Jonny discuss the regulatory environment and the misconceptions around self-driving trucks. Jonny discusses the hurdles that need to be overcome before trucks are regularly driving autonomously on public roads around the United States.

Building upon Jonny’s background in The White House we dive into policy and discuss how self-driving trucks will create new jobs. With Embark’s transfer hub strategy, Embark is creating new jobs in the trucking industry.

The Embark model is a transfer hub model that combines the strengths of the traditional truck driver with the strengths of an automated driving system. The automated driving system does not get distracted and can drive long periods of time. When the self-driving truck arrives at an Embark transfer hub, a traditional driver takes the load for the final mile of delivery.

Innovation is a Good Thing. Innovation is a Job Creator.

– Jonny Morris, Head of Policy, Embark Trucks

Embark is solving a problem by playing to strengths of the current state of automation. Continuing the conversation, Jonny and Grayson discuss the jobs that will be created by self-driving trucks. Why the industry has historically not attracted women and the economics of self-driving trucks.

Closing out the conversation, Jonny offers his advice on Self-Driving Trucks to Democratic Presidential Nominee, Joe Biden.

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Developing an Autonomous Future

Gopal Rajegowda, Senior Vice President at Related and a Managing Partner of Related Urban-Southeast joins Grayson Brulte on The Road To Autonomy Podcast to discuss how Related is developing for an autonomous future.

In this episode, Grayson and Gopal discuss reimagining City Place in West Palm Beach, FL into Rosemary Square and the future of retail experiences. Gopal touches on the work Related did with Gehl to reimage public spaces, optimize green spaces, walkability all the while ensuring that the environment is welcoming and approachable for all ages.

Continuing the conversation, Grayson and Gopal discuss the rumor that City Place was one of Rick Caruso’s inspirations for The Grove in Los Angeles, CA. Following up on this, they dive into the trend of walkable mix-use developments that incorporate great retail brands, culinary experiences, and hotels into developments.

Building on their discussion around culinary experiences, they take a step into the past as Gopal tells a story about negotiating with Chef Thomas Keller to open Per Se at The Shops at Columbus Circle.

Stepping into the future, Grayson leads the conversation towards turning culinary experiences upside down by bundling a mobility service with a fine-dining experience and why that could happen in Florida at a Related development.

Enhancing the customer experience by bundling a mobility service with fine-dining is extreme hospitality. Benefiting both the owners and customers. Highlighting the experience at Grant Achatz’s Alinea in Chicago, Grayson ponders what the experience would be like if Chef Achatz could curate the experience in an autonomous vehicle before a guest even steps foot in the restaurant.

Closing out the conversation, Gopal discusses the common notion that you never have a second chance to make a first impression and how art has transformative powers in communities.

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The Business of Self-Driving Cars

Russ Mitchell who covers the rapidly changing global auto industry, with special emphasis on California, including Tesla, electric vehicles and driverless cars at The Los Angeles Times joins Grayson Brulte on The Road To Autonomy Podcast to discuss the business of self-driving cars.

In this episode, Grayson and Russ discuss the business of self-driving cars, Tesla’s bulls vs bears, and Waymo’s recently announced $2.25 billion investment round from outside investors. As the funding conversation evolves, they touch on the possibility of Alphabet breaking out Waymo revenue and spinning out Waymo as a new publicly traded company.

Concluding their conversation, Grayson and Russ discuss the self-driving car industry at large being based in California and the reluctance of officials in California to embrace the business side of self-driving cars. They also touch on the TSLAQ debate and the industry’s pivot to trucking and how self-driving trucks will transform the shipment of goods.

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Henry Morrison Flagler and The Future of Mobility in Florida

Christopher Emmanuel, Director of Infrastructure & Governance Policy and Director of Autonomous Florida, Florida Chamber of Commerce joins Grayson Brulte on The Road To Autonomy Podcast following an afternoon spent at the Henry Morrison Flagler Museum in Palm Beach, FL. 

On the inaugural episode of The Road To Autonomy, Grayson speaks with Chris about the innovations Henry Morrison Flagler developed with The Florida East Coast Railway/Florida East Coast Hotel Companies and the impact that Flagler’s legacy has had on Florida. 

Building on Flagler’s Florida legacy (which was mainly focused on hospitality and tourism) the conversation evolves into what many consider the modern-day Florida East Coast Railway Company – Brightline (Virgin Trains). Concluding their conversation, Grayson and Christopher discuss Disney and the value of the Disney brand as it directly relates to the future of mobility in Florida.

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