Peak Academy Denver

Innovation doesn’t just revolve around technology and creating new products, it also revolves around thinking.

To think differently and to act upon those those thoughts in a productive manner that creates value is innovation. The City of Denver, CO is creating value for the taxpayers by implementing Lean Thinking and creating a culture of Innovators.

By changing the culture and implementing Lean Thinking, Mayor Michael B. Hancock is creating a transparent administration in which city employees, private sector employees, subcontractors and consultants can discover better ways to create value.

In 2011, when Denver launched the Peak Academy to teach city employees about Lean Thinking and implementing new ideas into the City Government, they were taking a risk that employees would not buy-in. For the city to properly do this, they would have to take into account the human capital element of innovation and put safeguards in place to guarantee that fear would not derail the initiative.

To prevent this the city put a system in place that would allow ideas to flow from the employees who took part in the Peak Academy program to their departments and supervisors. But what was the guarantee that supervisors and non-Lean Thinking employees would buy-in? What was to stop them from sabotaging the whole process to ensure that their jobs would not be in jeopardy? Human Capital Innovation.

By understanding the needs and wants of all employees, subcontractors and consultants one can properly implement new ideas into the organization. This is exactly what Mayor Michael B. Hancock did when he created the Peak Academy and implemented Lean Thinking. Mayor Hancock is changing the culture of City Government from a legacy administration to one that is always innovating.