Grayson Brulte Named Senior Technology Advisor for Rasmussen Media Group

Asbury Park, New Jersey — Grayson Brulte has been named Senior Technology Advisor for the Rasmussen Media Group. Brulte, based in Southern California, brings to the team a history of leveraging old and new media platforms for maximum impact.

“We’re delighted that Grayson will be guiding the technology initiatives to make our innovative content relevant and accessible in a new media environment,” said Scott Rasmussen, president of the Rasmussen Media Group. “Grayson’s task is to make sure we are building for the technology promise of tomorrow.”

Brulte has served as an innovation consultant for clients such as Burton Cummings, former lead singer, songwriter and voice of The Guess Who. He started his career by founding an interactive online music community, Sharing the Groove, featured in The New York Times. He also worked for Epic Records/Sony BMG in Digital Media Marketing and Promotions.

Mr. Brulte has been a member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, and the California Copyright Conference. He successfully completed the Massachusetts Institute of Technology program on Technology, Organizations and Innovation: Putting Ideas to Work.

Earlier this week, Ralph del Campo was named Chief Operating Officer of the Rasmussen Media Group. The firm’s mission, based upon deep respect for the common sense wisdom of the American people, is to refine, enlarge, and empower the voice of mainstream America.

In founding the company, Rasmussen said, “Twenty-first century technology offers tremendous opportunities for creating community solutions to the challenges facing our nation.” He added, “There is a huge market opportunity in serving those who want to find solutions rather than play politics.”

Earlier in his career, Rasmussen was a co-founder of ESPN and the founder of Rasmussen Reports.

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Burton Cummings Reinvents Online Fan Experience

“Burton has a lengthy track record as an artist and an innovator whose catalog is available on most platforms prior to other artists of his generation. Burton has always felt his fans should be able to enjoy his music when and where they want to, not at a pre-subscribed time or place”

While most legendary rockers still on the touring circuit seem content these days to play hits for fans and call it a day, the 90 minutes Canadian Music Hall of Famer Burton Cummings spends onstage are just the start of a cutting edge, increasingly innovative multimedia interactive fan-artist experience.

Cummings, former lead singer of The Guess Who and renowned solo artist whose songs “These Eyes,” “American Woman,” “No Time,” “Share The Land” and “Stand Tall” remain vibrant pieces of rock and roll history, Burton is dedicated to creating true immersive experiences both offline and online for fans of his music.

With songs from throughout his The Guess Who and solo career already available on most streaming music platforms such as Spotify and Google Play, the singer-whom Robert Plant once said has the “best voice in rock and roll”- is always exploring and experimenting with new technologies and platforms that will create new and exciting ways for fans to interact with his music.

“Burton has a lengthy track record as an artist and an innovator whose catalog is available on most platforms prior to other artists of his generation. Burton has always felt his fans should be able to enjoy his music when and where they want to, not at a pre-subscribed time or place,” says his Innovation Consultant Grayson Brulte of Brulte & Company. We are always looking for new and interesting platforms that will create great immersive experiences for fans all over the world.

Cummings loyal fans are actively embracing his exciting new real-time website, which has been filling up quickly with live performance photos and videos (from recent shows and vintage performances) via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram since Burton sent out a recent Tweet encouraging fans to take photos and videos during concerts and to share them on social media using the hashtag #BCLIVE.

Photos and videos shared using these social media platforms are displayed in real time on the home page of powered by RebelMouse, creating an exciting sense of immediacy and community among excited fans. The response to #BCLIVE hashtag has been overwhelming.

Since the hashtag was introduced, fans from all over the world have started sharing photos and videos on social media which are syndicated to in real-time. Cummings himself posts a great deal of archival tidbits; most recently, he posted via Pinterest handwritten rough lyrics to These Eyes.

Source: Broadway World

Let Children Play, Explore and Dream

Let Children Play, Explore and Dream is an opinion letter written by Brulte & Company Co-Founder Grayson Brulte that was published in the Wednesday, August 14, 2013 edition of The Financial Times.

Sir, Emma Jacobs’ article on New York’s kindergartens (“The serious side of child’s play”, August 9) is a vivid reminder of what is wrong with today’s educational system.

Instead of forcing children to grow up and test well at such a young age, we should be focused on the child’s long-term growth potential. When children are forced to grow up too soon and participate in regimented testing at three years of age, they lose their ability to play, to explore and to dream.

In my humble opinion, play is the best thing for a child’s growth and future success. Parents need to grasp and understand the importance of play in a young child’s life and how it will allow them to grow up to become the unique person that they want to be.

Play allows a child to explore, experiment and innovate. Will today’s parents raise tomorrow’s innovators or will they continue to force them to grow up too young?

Grayson Brulte, Co-Founder & President, Brulte & Company, Beverly Hills, CA, US

Let Children Play, Explore and Dream

This letter was in in response to The Serious Side of Child’s Play article written by Emma Jacobs in The Financial Times

Brulte & Company partnered with Connor to reinvent the Business Card.

The focus of the card was first and foremost simplicity. Clients were offered the opportunity to either telephone us or to scan the QR Code to learn more about Brulte & Company.

When we first came up with the concept of a QR Business Card it was just at the start of the adaptation of QR Codes. It was at a time when people saw them with increasing frequency, but didn’t even understand how to engage with them. It was interesting for us to witness how people would react to the code once it was activated with a smartphone.

Stateside the code was just beginning to gain traction, yet a trip to London showed us that it was omnipresent. Each pub we passed proudly displayed a QR Code on the window as well as on their menu. It was fascinating for us to examine how the code was a cutting edge trend stateside yet was already well adopted and utilized in the UK.

As markets and consumer habits change and new technologies have become readily available, we have once again begun to reimagine the business card.

We are currently testing Augmented Reality and looking to implement NFC technology into a business card in the near future.

Regardless of which technology we choose for our next business cards one thing is for certain, it will blend seamlessly into the card design and be effortless for consumers to interact with the card.

Our Business Card was featured in the May 2012 issue of Marie Claire Magazine.