Jason Fass: The Innovation Interview

Jason Fass, CEO of Zepp Labs shares his thoughts and insights on innovation, technology and the future of wearable technologies.

Jason’s professional career is deeply rooted in the technology sector, having held positions in product management for tech giants including Cisco, Apple and Jawbone. At Apple, Jason was the senior product manager for the MacBook Pro line responsible for launching 10 unique models. Jason saw an opportunity to use his obsession with personal data to develop new sensor-based technologies and is proud to be leading the team at Zepp Labs.

Zepp Labs empowers athletes and coaches with meaningful performance information that can help them discover ways to immediately improve their game. The company’s first product “GolfSense” combines a streamlined sensor, mobile applications for iOS and Android, and a patented motion engine to provide golfers with a complete 3D analysis of every swing. In less than 12 months GolfSense has become the world’s leading mobile swing analyzer.

Jason received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida and an MBA from Pepperdine University. When he isn’t busy working on the next technology development for Zepp, Jason can be found out on the trails of Demo Forest and UCSC riding his mountain bike, kite boarding at 3rd Ave and spending time with his family.

How do you define innovation and what does it mean to you?

Delivering a product or experience that fundamentally improves a customer’s life (in our case, their life in sports).

What industry needs to embrace innovation and take more risks?

Sports! How are so many outcomes of the world’s biggest games decided by humans? I also think the Airline industry could seriously embrace innovation. How is it that there are 8 doors on an aircraft yet we use 1 when boarding?

What is the best piece of advice that you have been given and received?

Trust your gut.

What is your greatest achievement and why?

Marrying my wife. She’s my best friend in the world, incredibly supportive, and a wonderful mother.

Newspapers and Books: Digital or Physical?

100% Digital.

What role will big data and sensors play in sports and how will you position Zepp Labs to benefit from this trend?

We think every ball, bat, racket, glove, shoe, etc. will be digitally connected in the future. There’s going to be an enormous amount of data available around the sports we all love. And there’s going to need to be a platform for this data from which amazing digital experiences are created. That’s what we are building.

What trends has Zepp Labs been able to identify in terms of how amateur athletes are performing in their chosen sport using Zepp Lab sensors?

We are seeing our athletes get better every day. Increased bat and club speeds, more consistent tempo numbers, more consistent power, etc. etc.

How do you envision Zepp Labs growing over the next two to five years and what segments of the market are you currently exploring for expansion?

We are excited about our multi-sport platform and new sensor technology. So much is possible.

When do you think big data will become an everyday “must have” for amateur athletes who want to perform better?

It already is. Anyone who wants to get better at their sport, wants to see the critical data that can help them.

What is the future of wearable technologies for the sports industry?

All gear will be connected in the very near future. Athletes will have more data available to them than ever before. but it must be meaningful and actionable data.