Grayson Brulte Named Senior Technology Advisor for Rasmussen Media Group

Asbury Park, New Jersey — Grayson Brulte has been named Senior Technology Advisor for the Rasmussen Media Group. Brulte, based in Southern California, brings to the team a history of leveraging old and new media platforms for maximum impact.

“We’re delighted that Grayson will be guiding the technology initiatives to make our innovative content relevant and accessible in a new media environment,” said Scott Rasmussen, president of the Rasmussen Media Group. “Grayson’s task is to make sure we are building for the technology promise of tomorrow.”

Brulte has served as an innovation consultant for clients such as Burton Cummings, former lead singer, songwriter and voice of The Guess Who. He started his career by founding an interactive online music community, Sharing the Groove, featured in The New York Times. He also worked for Epic Records/Sony BMG in Digital Media Marketing and Promotions.

Mr. Brulte has been a member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, and the California Copyright Conference. He successfully completed the Massachusetts Institute of Technology program on Technology, Organizations and Innovation: Putting Ideas to Work.

Earlier this week, Ralph del Campo was named Chief Operating Officer of the Rasmussen Media Group. The firm’s mission, based upon deep respect for the common sense wisdom of the American people, is to refine, enlarge, and empower the voice of mainstream America.

In founding the company, Rasmussen said, “Twenty-first century technology offers tremendous opportunities for creating community solutions to the challenges facing our nation.” He added, “There is a huge market opportunity in serving those who want to find solutions rather than play politics.”

Earlier in his career, Rasmussen was a co-founder of ESPN and the founder of Rasmussen Reports.

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