Burton Cummings Radio powered by bop.fm

Burton Cummings Announces “Burton Cummings Radio” powered by Y Combinator Startup bop.fm to Bring His Unique Musical Insights to the Next Generation of Fans.

For the first time ever, fans will receive a unique glimpse into Burton’s personal music collection.

Burton Cummings, the Former Lead Singer, Songwriter and Voice of The Guess Who and renowned Solo Artist whose songs include “American Woman”, “These Eyes,” “No Time”, “Share The Land” and “Stand Tall”, partners with the Y Combinator Startup bop.fm to launch Burton Cummings Radio; a Monthly Music Playlist.

Burton Cummings announced today that he will curate a monthly playlist for music service aggregator bop.fm, starting with his second playlist titled “Journey For a Memorable Friday Evening”. Fans can stream the “Journey For a Memorable Friday Evening” Playlist starting today at Burton Cummings Radio.

Cummings’ deep knowledge of music combined with his love of new technologies and platforms will enable him to curate a monthly playlist for bop.fm that will be both diverse and span generations of musical artists.

“Playlists are a very familiar part of my life. I always have access to dozens and dozens of playlists in my car on the iPods” says Burton Cummings. For the first time ever, fans will be able to have a glimpse into Burton’s personal music collection through his monthly bop.fm playlists.

Each month, Cummings will take fans on a musical journey that spans generations and introduces fans to artists and music that they might have never listened to before.

“My playlists will always be all over the musical map, whether it be instrumental music, soundtrack goodies, classic rock, progressive and golden age jazz, or anything else that’s interesting or even mildly compelling in some way” says Cummings.

“With Burton Cummings Radio, my goal is to explore and present many varied styles and genres of music, but they will all be done well. I love any music that draws me in” Burton Cummings goes on to say.

Fans will be able to stream the Burton Cummings Monthly Playlists on BurtonCummings.com real-time website powered by RebelMouse and on bop.fm.

Cummings’ is encouraging fans to share the bop.fm monthly playlists on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #BCPlaylist. Fans will also be able to embed the monthly playlists into their personal websites and blogs.

bop.fm combines several major music services into a single, universal link that anyone can access, regardless of their country or preferred music service. That means that users of streaming services such as Spotify and Beats Music can easily share a playlist with their friends who don’t use those services or who live in a country such as Canada where those services are not available at all.

“By partnering with the Y Combinator backed bop.fm we are simultaneously creating a wonderful experience for music fans to discover new music while exposing Burton Cummings’ music and musical insight to a whole new generation of fans” says Innovation Consultant Grayson Brulte of Brulte & Company.

“When Burton reached out to us to collaborate, we were deeply honored and, frankly, surprised,” says Shehzad Daredia, CEO of bop.fm. “There’s not a lot of musicians from his generation who understand and embrace streaming as well as innovative ways to interact with their fans. Then we checked out his slick website and realized just how far ahead of his peers Burton is when it comes to digital strategy. Plus, he makes some pretty eclectic playlists.”

Sit back, tune in and let Burton Cummings take you on a monthly musical journey of a lifetime.

About bop.fm
bop.fm is a Y Combinator-backed music technology company that creates a home for every song on the internet. The company aggregates several popular music services: Spotify, Rdio, Beats Music, iTunes, YouTube, SoundCloud and Deezer into one interface.

Users can then search for any song, play it using any service, and share/discover with any friend (even if they use a different service than you). bop.fm powers this same aggregation and service-agnostic music playback for Rap Genius, as well as music content publishers, messaging clients, social networks, artists/labels, and other partners.