Beverly Hills – The City of the Future

For those individuals who grew up in the 90’s Beverly Hills 90210 was a fixture on TV and a noted as a place where the cool kids lived and attended high school. The Beverly Hills of today is a modern City of roughly 34,290 residents with a median age of 41 ½.

While Rodeo Drive together with our world class hotels and restaurants are the primary driver of traffic to Beverly Hills, there is so much more to the city than shopping, dining, and hotels. The City of Beverly Hills is a world class city that is among the finest cities in the world to raise a family and operate a business.

One of the greatest advantages of living in Beverly Hills and operating a business in the city is the access to City Government. The City is open to hearing new ideas and meeting with citizens to address their concerns. The technology department lead by David Schirmer, CIO of the City of Beverly Hills is open and responsive when it comes experimenting with new innovations and technologies.

As the co-founder of an innovation and technology advisory company based in the City and a member of Smart City/Technology Committee, the City of Beverly Hills has offered strategic benefits to a company that not many cities in the world could offer.

To better understand why Beverly Hills cares about innovation, one has to spend an hour having coffee with Mr. Schirmer to hear his passion about technology and how it can improve the everyday lives of residents and tourists alike. When I first moved to Beverly Hills, I was fortunate enough to have that coffee and learn about the City’s forward thinking technology strategy.

From smart parking meters that alert you via an app that there is parking available to the City’s free Wi-Fi, Safety Sensors on Rodeo Drive and the upcoming city wide fiber network, the City of Beverly Hills is actively embracing innovation. A City Government which embraces innovation and looks to it’s residents to help guide the technology strategy is the city of the future. This City is Beverly Hills. This is the city that I call home.

The City of Beverly Hills – The City of the Future is an article written by Brulte & Company Co-Founder Grayson Brulte that was originally published on the official site of the City of Beverly Hills.