How Autonomy is Shaping Modern Medicine with Dr. Peter Weiss

On Episode 13 of the SAE Tomorrow Today podcast, Brulte & Company Co-Founder and SAE Tomorrow Today Host Grayson Brulte sat down with Dr. Peter Weiss, Co-Founder of the Rodeo Drive Women’s Health Center in Beverly Hills, California to discuss the intersection between autonomous vehicles and medical technology advancements.

With this episode being recording during a global pandemic, Dr. Weiss briefly touches on how pandemics are identified and the measures we can take to stay healthy and safe as we travel.

The conversation shifts to the current COVID-19 pandemic and how the crisis has actually advanced medical and artificial intelligence (AI) a generation ahead with people ready for the next generation of services. Dr. Weiss and Grayson dig deep into medical AI advancements and the role they will play in the burgeoning autonomous vehicle market.

From what happens if you have an emergency medical condition in an SAE Level 5 AV to what type of standardized cleanliness criteria is needed for shared AVs? The conversation closes out with additional insight on how our reliance and comfort with personal technology is advancing medical AI to levels never before possible.

Dr. Weiss shares his perspective on the opportunities Apple has in the healthcare community and the company’s role as a conduit to medical AI. He signs off with insight on how technology is the great equalizer to provide healthcare equality and what the future looks like for Medical AI.

How Autonomy is Shaping Modern Medicine with Dr. Peter Weiss is also streaming on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.